10 Best Hair Loss Cure- Causes-Home Remedies


10 Best Hair Loss Cure

Like good skin, hairs are also a great blessing of God. Throughout history, hair has played a vital role in our life because beautiful hair shows the beauty of women and masculinity in men.

Beautiful hair sets the tone of your look as well as your personality. Beautiful and shiny hair always leaves a good impression that plays are why proper hair cares an important role. It said if the hair of our head gets phosphorus, Calcium, and vitamin D naturally. Hair loss can be a troublesome problem in women because it may cause worry and affect self-esteem.  Although if you diagnosed this problem right, you can control hair fall. You can control your hair loss by using some effective and best home remedies that are natural. Before discussing the 10 Best Hair Loss Cure, and remedies first, we should know some causes of hair fall.

10 Best Hair Loss Cure
10 Best Hair Loss Cure

Causes Of Hair Loss:

Different types of hair loss are why it is difficult as well as challenging to find the causes of hair fall. There is the following cause of hair loss:

  • Heredity

  • Use of supplements and medicate treatment

  • Extreme stress

  • Hair treatment and hairstyle products

  • Hormonal changes

  • Deficiency of nutrients

  • Pregnancy

The detail of these causes are as under describe:


Heredity is also one of the causes of hair loss in men as well as women. It has an impact on the large of men and women as well as it becomes worse bypassing of age. Heredity hair loss is a genetic condition in which hair begins to thin.

Use Of Supplement And Medical Treatment

Sometimes medical treatment and supplements also cause hair loss. Medication can treat many health issues but sometimes leave unwanted side effects on hairs. But here is some good news you can reverse your hair after leaving that supplement and drugs.

Extreme Stress

It is a temporary cause of hair loss. If you have hair loss due to extreme stress it may regrow again. So it is important to minimize your stress level.

Hair Treatment And Hairstyle Products

If you use different types of products in your hair it may also cause hair loss. Shampoo conditioners and different hair products contain chemicals that are dangerous for hair scalp. Over-washing your hair tends to strip your hair of essential oils as well as a mineral that is necessary for healthy hair.

Hormonal Changes

It is the most common cause of hair fall or hair loss. Specific hormones may cause hair to fall in both men and women. If hormones become unbalanced, hence you have hair loss. This may occur due to excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion.

Deficiency Of Nutrients

If you have a less nutritious diet, thus you have hair loss problems. There are some essential nutrients as under:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Vitamin D

         Deficiency of their nutrient cause hair fall in both men and women. You can get vitamin D also from sunshine. A healthy diet is a key to healthy skin as well as hair.


Pregnancy may also cause hair loss in many women. During pregnancy, hormone change is the reason for hair loss in women. If you want to minimize hair loss, you should use oil on regular basis as well as maintain your healthy diet.

10 Best Home Remedies And Cure

Here we will go to read  10 Best Hair Loss Cure, with the help of these home remedies.


  • A balanced diet

  • Reduce stress

  • Use oils

  • Onion juice

  • Green tea

  • Use the right product

  • Scalp massage

  • Greek yogurt and honey

  • Aloe vera

  • Amla

A Balance Diet

A balanced diet plays a vital role in our body as well as hair health. You should add nutrients full diet in our breakfast especially. You must include vegetables, fruits, grains, and proteins full things in your diet. Avoid adding extra sweet things to your diet. Different types of minerals and vitamins also make your hair healthy. For your healthy hair drink plenty of water because nothing is alternate of water.

Reduce Stress

Sometimes extreme stress also causes hair loss, so you should reduce stress. You can reduce stress by using these strategies:

  • Regular exercise
  • Yoga
  • Listening to music which you want
  • Take proper sleep

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are also useful for hair health and growth. They play a vital role in hair growth as well as increase blood circulation on the scalp. Different Rosemary oil, coconut oil castor oil, and olive oil, etc.

Onion Juice

Onion juice also plays a vital role in hair growth. It provides extra sulfur to our scalp. Sulfur supports strong and thick hair, thus you should use onion juice to prevent hair loss.

Green Tea

Herbal treatment of hair loss is the use of green tea also. It may support hair growth and regrowth. Some studies show that green tea preventing damage to the skin as well as hair cells.

Use Right Product

It is important to understand your scalp type, thus choose the right product. If you don’t use the right product for your hair, it may dry the scalp, which can lead to hair fall. Use a product that is free from chemicals because chemicals can breakage your hair.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massages not only feel you wonderful, but they can prevent your hair fall. Massage of the scalp stimulates follicles in hair. With scalp massage, you have thicker hair. Scalp massage prevents the pattern of hair loss, hence you have healthy hair with yourself.

Greek Yoghurt and Honey

Greek yogurt and honey are also the best home remedies for hair loss. This mask has fat that moisturizes hair. A Mask of Greek yogurt and honey is considered a natural conditioner for your hair. Yogurt lactic acid is good for scalp cleansing. It can remove dead cells from your scalp.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel has a crucial role in strengthening and repairing your hair. It contains vitamins A, C as well as E. These vitamins can promote the healthy growth of cells and shiny hair. It consists of vitamin B/2 and folic acid also. These components found in aloe Vera can stop hair fall, thus you have thick and healthy hair.

Remove the gel from the leaf of the aloe Vera plant and rub the gel into the scalp for a while.


Amla is also full of nutrients and vitamins, which are essential for hair growth. These nutrients and vitamins can increase scalp circulation. They can also be good for hair growth length and volume-wise. Amla oil can strengthen hair, reduce dandruff, and prevent the graying of hair.

Frequently Ask Questions Regarding 10 Best Hair Loss Cure

  1. Which is the best home remedy for hair fall?

Ans.     Best home remedies that prevent and treat hair fall effectively are:-

  • Use of Aloe Vera for regrowth hair
  • Amla
  • Green tea
  • Onion Juice
  • Coconut milk
  • Honey and yogurt

Name the best vitamin for hair growth?

Ans.     Biotin is the best vitamin for hair growth. Vitamin C and E are also helpful that fight against radicals. These radicals damage our hair follicles.

Which fruit is beneficial for hair?

Ans.     Orange, Peach Banana, Strawberry, Lime, Apple, Guava and Papaya

What are the functions of fruits that are beneficial for hair loss?

  • Orange Prevents hair loss hair loss
  • Strawberries also prevent hair loss
  • Papaya can reduce hair thinning
  • Peach is helpful that can healthy our scalp.
  • Apple can increase the volume of our hair
  • Banana makes our hair full strength
  • Guava controls hair breakage.

Which food is bad for our hair?

Ans.     More than the required level of sugar is bad for your hair. Swordfish can also harm your hair. Fast food and alcohol are bad for hair.

Does there a cure for alopecia

Ans.     There is no proper cure for alopecia but with the help of a healthy lifestyle, there may be chances of regrowing or hair within the next coming years.


Hair loss doesn’t affect just your scalp, but it affects your entire body. You should visit a dermatologist in the case of hair loss because your specialist can give you the right advice. He shows you the right direction regarding your hair problems. One more important thing doesn’t to skip your breakfast, because breakfast is essential to improve your body’s metabolism. Use Nutrients full diet in your breakfast as well as your dinner or lunch. With the help of this informative article, 10 Best Hair Loss Cure, you can get knowledge about hair treatment.

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